About us

Dear Albanian readers,

First let me thank you for navigating in this website that is dedicated to you. 

You are directly contributing to the conservation of our beloved Albanian language, even if you are just a reader.

Lize's Bookstore was created from an inexhaustible love for reading but the lack of an easier and faster access to books written or translated in Albanian.

Although, fortunately, there is no lack of sufficiently developed bookstores in Albanian-speaking areas; unfortunately it is not the same approach in western Europe.

So we, as first generation immigrants, wanted to facilitate the distribution of books in the west in a modernized way.

It was important for us to present you the most requested titles, the process of placing the order to be simplified and the shipment to reach you very quickly.

These three elements are also the motto of Lize's Bookstore.

This concept, the first of its kind, would have been impossible to be developed without the support and trust of the publishing houses in Tirana and Pristina which supply us.

Also, we would like to thank all those who, thanks to their presence, inspired us and helped in the development of our idea.

With love,

Lize & Trim